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Spooky Lakes Art

Ghost Helmet Enamel Pin: 2023 Spooky Lake Month

Ghost Helmet Enamel Pin: 2023 Spooky Lake Month

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✨Limited Edition✨ Spooky Lake Month enamel pins! My collaborator, KJ & Co, created this design based on my painting. These enamel pins are die-struck, underfilled with the enamel color, and then baked in an oven so the enamel can cure. Only 500 are available. 

Cave diving involves exploring caves that are at least partially filled with water. The hobby is incredibly dangerous, even for professional certified cave divers. Like ice diving and wreck diving, it’s a form of penetration diving and is considered technical diving. Divers have air tanks strapped to their backs while they maneuver through incredibly tight passages in pitch-black conditions beneath the ground.

I'll be shipping these myself over the course of October while I'm also creating a Spooky Lake video every day so I appreciate your patience!

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