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Kamloops Shipwreck Giclée Print

Kamloops Shipwreck Giclée Print

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The original artwork was in gouache and watercolor. This edition is Giclée printed on Ilford Cotton Textured paper. I am BLOW AWAY at how beautiful these Giclée prints are- I was a skeptic when I ordered them but I'm obsessed with the quality. Even up close, it looks like my original painting. The paper is a beautiful, heavyweight with watercolor paper texture.


In December of 1927, almost a hundred years ago, the enormous steel freighter was caught in a blizzard with winds up to 30 mph and freezing temperatures. It was last seen completely covered in ice as it disappeared into the wintery mist on the horizon of the lake. The SS Kamloops became one of the many ships to sink to the bottom of Lake Superior and for fifty years, the location of the shipwreck was a mystery. It’s final resting place was discovered in 1977 just off the coast of Isle Royale, the largest island in Lake Superior. Divers explored the remains of the hull and due to the cold freshwater and lack of bacteria, the ship and its cargo were in good condition. However, divers were greeted by more than cargo. The shipwreck is also a graveyard for the crew members who went down in the winter blizzard.

This is a Limited Edition of 100, signed and dated. 

Your print will be carefully packaged with a backing board in a protective cover, then wrapped inside a rigid mailer to ensure it's protected during shipping. 

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