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Spooky Lakes Art

Pickled Crabs Sticker: 2023 Spooky Lake Month

Pickled Crabs Sticker: 2023 Spooky Lake Month

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✨Limited Edition✨ 2023 Spooky Lake Month stickers are here! I did a series of gouache paintings that my friend and collaborator, KJ & Co edited and formatted for me into these stickers.

Size: 2.72" x 3.5"

Deadly brine pools exist at the bottom of the ocean! Brine is a type of water that is saltier and denser than the surrounding ocean water, causing it to pool and form what we would call a lake within the ocean. These extremely salty brine pools are deadly to most ocean life because they have no dissolved oxygen. That’s how these pools have garnered the nickname “hot tubs of despair”. The super salty brine pools are fed by cracks in the Earth’s crust which leak dangerous chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide and methane. These chemicals are added to the salty mix producing a toxic soup that will pickle any creature unfortunate enough to take a dip...such as crabs 🦀


Each die-cut sticker is a thick, durable vinyl with a matte finish. They are resistant to scratching, water, and sunlight.

I'll be shipping these myself (actually my mom packs most of the orders, so thanks mom!) over the course of October while I'm also creating a Spooky Lake video every day so I appreciate your patience!

Made in the USA. I ship sticker orders with First Class Mail (sending via stamps 💌!) which keeps the shipping cost at a low $1.50 but there is no tracking! Please let me know if you don't get your stickers around 5 business days after your shipping notification.

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