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Spooky Lakes Art

Yellowstone Stamp Sticker: 2023 Spooky Lake Month

Yellowstone Stamp Sticker: 2023 Spooky Lake Month

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✨Limited Edition✨ 2023 Spooky Lake Month stickers are here! I did a series of gouache paintings that my friend and collaborator, KJ & Co edited and formatted for me into these stickers. 

Size: 1.33" x 2"

Yellowstone Stamp! This one is so cute and tiny 😭

You may have heard about the beautiful hot springs at Yellowstone National Park, but did you know that this spectacular natural phenomenon also happens to be extremely deadly? The entirety of Yellowstone National Park is basically a volcano- with more than four million visitors a year. Ancient rainwater percolates through the Earth’s crust, getting superheated along the way. Considering all the chemicals such as chloride, sodium, silica, hydrogen sulfide, sulfate, alkalinity, and arsenic produced by volcanic activity- these hot springs are acidic pools of boiling water that have killed 21 people since the park opened. Never leave the designated path.

Each die-cut sticker is a thick, durable vinyl with a matte finish. They are resistant to scratching, water, and sunlight.

I'll be shipping these myself over the course of October while I'm also creating a Spooky Lake video every day so I appreciate your patience!

Shipping for only stickers is First Class Mail (sending via stamps 💌!) which keeps the shipping cost at a low $1.50 but there is no tracking! Please let me know if you don't get your stickers around 5 business days after your shipping notification.

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